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About Dustin Olson

Let's see....what about me do you care to know? Let's start with how I got into this mess, shall we? I got my first camera (Nikon D80) about five years ago, immediately fell in love with the craft, and haven't looked back since then. My interest in photography primarily stems from a love of Photoshop. After so long, however, I got tired of editing other people's photos. I wanted to edit my own! Hence the aforementioned camera purchase. I then upgraded to the Nikon D7000 not long after it was released and am still very happy with it. 

I love shooting all kinds of photography. I find each genre challenging in its own way and love tackling those challenges. I am always searching for new techniques to apply both in camera and in post. While I enjoy doing work for clients, my primary focus in the past has been on landscape photography. You might call me a professional hobbyist.

What's with this Pixography/Pixographer business?

I'm glad you asked! As I said before, one of the biggest reasons I got into photography was due to a love of post-processing. In my mind, it is just as crucial as what you do with your camera (not to mention, just as fun). Because my style is so dependent on what happens after the camera is put away, and because I am one of those crazy people who loves spending time in various post-processing applications, I figured I was spending just as much time and energy on the pixels as I was the photons. And there was born the term 'pixography.'
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